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To all my dear friends and relations
From The Gardener/Ka Charlie Avila

Alanna Hartzok (photo from her biography)

My colleague and dear friend, Alanna Hartzok, foremost EarthRights visionary and activist of so many decades now, and currently senior United Nations representative of the International Union for Land Value Taxation, has written an earth-shaking document in the form of a letter to her “astrological twin” sibling, King Charles III, on the eve of the latter’s coronation scheduled for early May 2023.

It is an open letter and a must-read for you and me and all your other friends and relations for its salvific content and simple but scholarly style – addressing our common planetary problem and making clear the important role of a monarch who owns over one-sixth of the planet’s surface.

Quickly but lucidly re-viewing in a panoramic swath the movement, limits and abuses of land ownership across all of recorded human history, Alanna shows King Charles the rather obvious consequences, negative or positive, of what he might or might not do in response to the moving picture of the ages.

By “land”, of course, she includes all the natural elements of production: oil, minerals, gold, silver, diamonds and other gifts of nature. 

She shows he can be so instrumental in addressing and remedying the systemic roots and intent of organized violence; help turn the world away from the forces of dispossession, depopulation and destruction and put in place an economic system that will enable each and every member of our human family to secure basic material needs while protecting Earth’s ecosystems for present and future generations.

She recognizes that he comes from the bloodlines of the ancien regime but asks him on the eve of his coronation to change course and join us in securing the birth right of all people to Earth, our planet home.

In the end, she invites him to play a major role in the 2024 Earth Day celebration to be held at the United Nations on the Spring Equinox. 

She repeats what she’s been saying all the time in various places and occasions around the world: “How we hold the earth is how we hold each other. The needs of the person and the needs of the planet are one and the same.”

Thanks very much. I send you this message for the widest dissemination.