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The Gardener unearthed this note from 20 moons ago; a short meditation for Muslim friends.

“Abraham was a paragon of piety,” sura 16 says, “an upright man obedient to God.”  The word muslim means “one who submits to God.” The text says Abraham was of such exemplary morality that even as a boy in Babylon he was a hanif, one who practices pure monotheism.

The Koran suggests that it was in recognition of these traits that God chose Abraham and made him the leader of a great nation. As sura 2 says, “When the Lord put Abraham to the proof by enjoining on them certain commandments and Abraham fulfilled them, he said: ‘I have appointed you a leader of humankind.’” The text calls this moment a covenant, and considers it the start of a nation of muslims that reaches fruition in Muhammad.

Thus, Abraham it is who is regarded as the “founder of Islam.” His covenant with God is not just personal-individual but universal – an act to ensure that the belief in one God does not die with him but will be passed along to his progeny and build a nation of people whose collective consciousness is defined by surrender to God, totally.

Because Abraham surrendered so totally, God chose Abraham and set him on the straight path, taking him out of Babylon and delivering him into Syria (modern terms) and to the land “blessed for all humankind.”

It is an inner journey as much as an outer one. All spiritual-minded muslims – Christians, Islamic or Jewish – must try to be in an Abrahamic state when they pray, take Abraham’s viewpoint toward the world, and really try to be Abrahamic in their being.

How? First, by complete devotion to God, even if it involves leaving family, leaving career, leaving town. “I will worship you as my God and you will take care of me” (covenant).

Finally, by knowing yourself on the deepest level. The objective of religion is to know God but the only way to do that is to discover God within our own consciousness.

This happened to Abraham. It can happen to us if we choose to live a life of total surrender to God, NOW. For now is all the time we have. Peace be to you. (Finis)